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Political outsider. Constitutional Conservative. Friend. David Covey, a native Texan, is ready to fight for the values of Southeast Texas in the Texas House of Representatives.

David has humbly served in a variety of volunteer capacities both in his community and within the Republican Party. As a Fire Commissioner, board member for the local chapter for Main Street Ministry, a non-profit which shelters homeless women, and Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, David has poured into those around him to make his community a safer place for our children to grow up. When he is not dedicating his time to those around him or the fight for freedom, he works in the oil and gas industry in Orange, Texas. David is also a published author and earned his Juris Doctorate in his never-ending pursuit of knowledge, strengthening his faith in the Constitution and our other founding documents. David is a loving husband to his wife, Esther, and father to two sons.

David Covey is a conservative warrior who has proven repeatedly that he will stand up for us and the issues we care about. On the other hand, Austin politician Dade Phelan wants Texans to praise him for doing the bare minimum. He is not fooling us. We need a fighter in the legislature who will not give Democrats the power to push their radical agenda or use their own power to attack other Republicans.


Current Speaker Phelan has put corporations and a political agenda that favors Democrats ahead of the Southeast Texans he is supposed to represent. He dragged his feet on giving us property tax relief and border security. Even former President Trump noted that Speaker Phelan “is not fighting for the people of Texas.” He is beholden to special interest groups and lobbyists in Austin, not the people that elected him. He is more concerned with getting his name placed on buildings than ensuring the voices of his constituents are heard in the Texas Capitol. That stops March 5th.


David is well-known for his tenacity and dedication. He has even earned the support of his former opponent in the race for State Party Chairman, current GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi, who said David “will consistently advocate for conservative priorities and won’t cozy up to the left or their allies.” That dedication and loyalty is something we have not seen from Speaker Phelan, and he must face the repercussions of failing to represent us well. David Covey is a hard-working, honest man that is ready to boldly represent all his constituents, conservative values, and the Constitution.


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Secure the Border

The open southern border is a public safety crisis that must be immediately addressed. Allowing a constant flow of unknown illegal aliens to cross our sovereign border exposes our communities to dangerous drugs, human trafficking, and cartels. On the first day of the legislative session, I will file a bill to declare an invasion of our state and authorize DPS to repel invaders at the border. 


Parental Rights and Educational Freedom

Parents, not the government, are the primary caretakers and decision-makers for their children in all matters. This includes decisions about education. It is 100% up to parents if they want to public school, private school, or homeschool their children. I will never support education legislation that includes strings attached.

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Restore Election Integrity

Increase felony penalties and enact additional civil penalties for election fraud to deter those undermining our election process. Texas needs clear jurisdiction for the Attorney General and local authorities to prosecute election fraud to the full extent of the law. No excuses.


Protect our Families

While Texas had quick success at stopping child gender modification, that was only the first step needed to protect Texas families and children. We still need legislation that provides teeth so this law is enforceable. I will always fight for our traditional family values and ensure the woke left is not encroaching on our American way of life by indoctrinating our children in schools.

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Eliminate Property Taxes

Republicans have overwhelmingly supported the right of Texans to own their property free and clear without the bondage of eternal property taxes. I will file legislation to eliminate property taxes within three years and switch to a fair tax based on consumption. This will spread the tax burden to a broader audience, including visitors to the state.

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Ban Democrat Chairs

Republican-controlled chambers should not give power away to Democrats who have a completely different vision for Texas than what our founder envisioned. I will work diligently to pass the Republican Priorities voted on by the Republican Delegates.


Abolish Abortion

The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, should be protected from fertilization to natural death. 


Protect Medical Liberty

I support the Republican Party of Texas’ call to enshrine the natural, inalienable right to refuse vaccination or other medical treatments in the Texas Bill of Rights. I will fight any tyrannical mandates that infringe upon the medical freedom of Texans.


Defend the Second Amendment

All forms of gun control are a violation of the 2nd Amendment and our God-given rights. I will always defend your gun rights from attack and will fight to eliminate “gun-free zones” in Texas. There is no place more dangerous to be than a gun-free zone.

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